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Connect your Shed to the Internet

By Scott Waugh

Here’s a short description on how to connect your shed to the internet to use video conferencing like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime. You could also enjoy watching woodturning videos on YouTube as well as reading new posts on the Forest of Bere website.


To get a strong, reliable internet connection into the shed, I chose the TP-LINK Powerline Wi-Fi Extender system, which transmits the internet signal through the electrical ring main. Be careful – a WiFi Extender is different. This is a powerline wifi extender.      

Your shed electrical wiring must be connected to the same fuseboard as your internet router in the house.

This is a link to the TP-LINK WPA4220 kit available from Currys and Amazon, that includes TWO adapters and required cables:


Picture 1: TP-LINK kit


Here’s how I set up my connection: Firstly, plug one Extender adapter into a socket near to the broadband router (Picture 2):

Then, attach an Ethernet cable (comes in the kit) into the Extender and into a yellow socket in the back of the broadband router (picture 3):

Picture 2: Extender in mains socket

Picture 3: Yellow sockets in router

There will be an instruction manual supplied: In short, press the “Pair” button on the extender to link it to the router. These are now fixed and the router is passing internet connection through Ethernet into the mains circuit.

Next, put the second extender in a mains socket in the shed. You don’t need any cables – only te extender unit. Press the “Pair” button. After a few seconds, all the green lights will be lit. The extender is now connected and giving out a wifi signal.

To connect to this wifi, open your phone or laptop and click on the internet connection icon near the clock to see available connections (Picture 4, red circle):

The TP-LINK extender will be shown here. Click on it and enter the password – this is stuck onto the top of the extender.

That’s it! You are now connected to the internet in your shed. Keep up-to-date on the Forest of Bere website.

If you have any photos of your projects to share, we’ll post them here for all to see.

There is also a separate post describing how to download and set up Skype. Come and join the FOB Skype Group on Friday evenings at 1900.

Stay safe all.

Picture 4: Internet connections shown here