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Dave Appleby Woodturning

Chuck & Egg Project

Start with a suitable block of wood 50mm X 50mm X 80mm

Turn this between centres down to 45mm diameter. Be quite careful with this. There is only a small margin for error.

Mark 10mm from each end to give you  60mm for the egg and use a parting tool to give you a small 10-15mm stub at each end

Mark 2.7mm in from one end with a pencil. This is going to be your maximum diameter.

Shape down to each end as far as the stub. Look at a hen’s egg or go on the internet to get a suitable template.

Abrade to good finish.

Now you need your homemade chuck which is simply made from half  a 40mm straight  compression coupling for a waste system

Cut it in half

Spin a piece of wood and make a spigot to suit your chuck.

Hollow out so that the coupling snugly fits in about 15mm

Use epoxy or medium superglue to hold.

Remove rubber washer.

Take the nut part off and use a gouge in scraping mode to take out any slight imperfections as it spins.

Put egg in the chuck on your lathe and loosely tighten up nut

Bring up tailstock and locate in centre mark in stub.

Tighten egg in chuck. Check that it is turning true.

Keep tailstock as long as possible while you turn away stub but remove for final pass. Abrade.

Turn egg around and repeat.

I use sanding sealer and then buffing wheel to a finish.

I variety of woods can look good.