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How to cut / split green logs for drying

By Bill Thorne

This is my (somewhat worn) jig that I use for supporting the logs when I split them down to sizes I need for drying in readiness for turning.

I use a chain saw for this job. I select the log & check the ends for splits, these I mark with a felt tip then set on the jig so the split is vertical, this gives me the direction of cut for best use of the log.

I then mark divisions for the cuts at the widths I require, making sure to mark either side of the centre or heart wood as shown below.

The semi-circular line at the bottom of the log shows where I stop the cut.

This is for safety as it stops the log from toppling sideways as you cut.

After cutting is complete this small area can be split away by hand by levering the pieces apart.

Your stack should be out of the direct sun, preferably in a draughty place, cover the top of the stack, not the sides, against rain.

Note: Use any old paint, some of that old emulsion left over from painting the lounge will do (you know you won’t use it indoors again, because the wife will want a different colour next time)!

Now stack your cut timber as shown in the pictures.  Using 1” thick sticks or an old pallet on the bottom to keep the timber out of the wet, having first of coarse painted the top end of the timber only.

Build the layers up on ½ to ¾” battens, making sure to place any timber with bark on it facing out as shown.