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Forest of Bere Woodturners Association (Havant) Challenging and developing turning skills

The club runs a monthly members’ competition that is designed to stretch the skills and imagination of the entrants.

The competition comprises three categories; Beginners/Novices, Intermediate and Advanced and is judged by our panel of judges, who award marks to each entry.

The competition year runs from September to August, the monthly scores are added to give a winner and runners up in each category.

The September competition is slightly different from the others as the piece turned by the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced categories is one off personal choice and it is used to help determine which category individuals should be entering in the following year.

The first piece for the newly introduced beginners will be used to determine their skill levels, should they wish to take advantage of the training sessions that we run.

Normal Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month


Beginners/Novices Turners


Bud Vase - Free standing vase with a small neck to accept a single stem


Turned Small Birdhouse - Use 50mmblock of wood, install a perch, lid to be removable


Egg Cup - Your own design.  Cup must be able to accept a standard hens egg


Pestle & Mortar - Use fruitwood, i.e. apple or pear.  Any size accepted


4 x Identical Serviette Rings & Holder.  Turned from one piece of wood.  Fabricate a jam chuck to finish the side of the rings


Free Standing Kitchen Roll Holder.  Turn the base and stem separately and glue together


A Toy.  Spinning Top, YoYo, ball and catcher, the choice is yours!  Must be safe for a child to use


A Christmas Decoration.  Free standing or hanging



Rolling Pin.  Use fine grain wood (eg. Beech) and turn handles if required


12" (305mm) Tall Candle Stick.  Classic Design (drawings available)


Cheese/Mouse Door Wedge.  A wedge of wood with holes, similar to a piece of cheese.  A mouse head (with whiskers and ears) to be poking out of the wedge but must be free to move around the hole


2 x Eggs.  Similar in shape to a hens egg.  You can add some artistic variation eg. mixed colour wood


Secret Opening Box.  A box with a secret way of opening the lid/lid disguised


Natural Edged Bowl.  Using wood with the bark still attached, turn a bowl shape keeping the bark on the top edge


Spindle Lamp Holder.  Your own design, can be short or tall.  If you decide on tall a long drill will be required or make in smaller sections and glue together.  You can order the lamp bulb holder through the club for a discount price


Sphere.  Turn a perfect ball.  Fabricate a holding jig to finish the work


Turned object of your choice.  Turn anything that pleases you


If a member has any questions or requires clarification about competition pieces please approach the judges for advice as they will be only to pleased to help.

Intermediate/Advanced Turners

Create the last Club Demonstration piece in your own style/design

For example; April Demo piece to be shown in May etc…